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About Us

If you are thinking of jams and chutneys, think out of the box!


At Mr Merlin we started with a genuine appetite and ingredients in the production of handmade sweets, Jams and Chatneys. One of our characteristics is the permanent quality in the unsurpassed taste of our products.

All our customers constantly confirm it.

What is the secret of our quality?

We create perfect products from selected materials, without preservatives, additives and dyes.

How do we achieve this?

The variety of our handmade delicacies is prepared in the traditional way of production but adapted to the taste requirements of today. Our products are unique in their kind, both from the gastronomic combinations and from the appearance so that they can capture the consumer’s gaze from the beginning and once someone tries them they win him over forever!

They are also ideal to easily and instantly turn a simple meal into a Gourmet giving you an unforgettable presentation and delicious experience.


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